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Property Construction In Phuket

You are planning to build your own property, but you don’t know who to contact. Don’t look any further, we provide a full service to complete your project from A to Z.

Whether you do not have land or have a house to renovate we have a solution.

The advantages of building your own property

  • You don’t buy to a developer, so you save money.
  • You are free to design the property according to your needs.
  • You can choose the quality of the materials.
  • You can pay step by step.

Our construction and renovation services

  • Find the land.
  • Check the title deed.
  • Design the property: floor plans, materials.
  • Follow the Thai rules and regulation
  • Provide European standards of construction
  • Follow your instructions, give you advices.
  • Get a construction permit.
  • Build / renovate the property
  • Follow up after construction.

How long does it take to build your house?

We can build a villa within 9-12 months.

How much does it cost to build in Phuket?

On average, construction costs for a standard-quality house in Phuket typically range from around 20,000 to 40,000 Thai Baht per sqm for basic to mid-range finishes.

Keep in mind that this estimate is general and can vary significantly based on individual project requirements, local market conditions, and other factors specific to your construction project.

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