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things-to-do-in-phuket-put-your-phone-downWhat to do in Phuket is endless for example watch a sunset at Cape Promthep (with your phone on flight mode) is a must. We made a little guide with our own recommendations. We tried it and we thought you should give it a go because it really worth it.

To know more visit this dedicated page: Things To Do In Phuket

Weather In PhuketDepending on the time of the year you’re coming Phuket island can show different faces. The temperatures are always warm it’s more about the rain that you should be attentive. Hence our advice to read our page:

Phuket Weather

Where To Stay In PhuketIf you’re a fist time visitor to Phuket then names on the map won’t tell you anything. If you’re a future expat maybe you fell in love with Kata Beach during your holidays but is it the right place for your family? In this case our expertise of Phuket could a major impact on your choice. You should take 5 minutes to read this article: Where To Stay In Phuket

Why Invest In Phuket Real Estate Phuket has lot to offer today with its blooming tourism industry and it will have much more to offer in a near future, let us convince you with facts and numbers on this page:

Why Invest In Phuket Real Estate